“It’s late spring. It’s the time to have an evening drink in the garden, a relaxing walk in the forest filled with singing birds and to open the windows during the first warm nights.


But the peaceful mood is gone when we hear a mosquito flying past our ear.

Our best chance of killing the mosquito seems to be when they land on us, hopefully before they “bite”*.

Why are they so difficult to swat when flying?

I know your face

“Have you ever realised how good we are at recognising each other’s faces?

We are able to do so since birth and, with normal every-day experience, we get even better at it. Our faces differ in many respects: the shape of the nose or mouth, eye colour, eye distance, and many other features. But we don’t view them separately. Our brains process human faces holistically – as a whole that is more than just the sum of its parts. For example, we can easily tell different noses apart when they are added to a picture of a face, but have much more difficulty when looking at the noses alone.

We are not the only species that process faces in a holistic manner.